Tasks and Rules

Welcome to the Cozy Comforts family!

We have some Staff Rules at Cozy Comforts:

  1. First of all we expect good manners. We want to train your sense of correctness. Never do anything to others what you would not like to be done to yourself.
    Simple, isn’t it?
    Read this text carefully:
  2. We are looking for dancers and hosts to greet our visitors. Ask them questions to find out what they are looking for. Are they interested in artwork? erotic artwork? partys? live music? what kind of music? Are they looking for escorts? They just want to explore? How did they get here?
  3. Visit all locations in the black and white teleporter. You can show our areas to friends and visitors. We are always happy about new renters.
  4. No questions about RL. We keep RL and SL separate on Cozy Comforts. We want to create an atmosphere where people can start a new life. Everybody gets a chance to work with us if he follows our rules.
  5. Manager roles are given only in the staff meeting on mondays at Noon SLT and will be discussed with the whole staff. Testing phase is 10 days. Manager title will be offered depending on your performance.
  6. Please always wear the Cozy Comforts tag so that visitors know who you are. The group joiner is the golden unicorn.

Dancers and Barkeepers:
The Orange Jars can be AFK but please make sure you answer any IM!

Start with renting an escort board.
You need to wear the Cozy Comforts group tag.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Find updates for these rules here:

If you have questions send them to Aphra —>