Scene Rezzer

The Multi Scene Rezzer at Na Fola Croi has 17 scenes now:

17 scenes at Na Fola Croi on Sonntag, ‎11. ‎Juli ‎2021

Avalon – 471 prims
Marrakech – 981 prim, the only one over 555 prim
Strip Club – nur 206 prims
Moorea Isle – 552 prims
Restoro – 166 prims
Houseboat – 111 prim bisher
Beach Sunset – 194 prims bisher
BDSM Loft – 245 prims nur
Library – 294 prim
Winter – 558 prim – will take out 3 prim
Tropic Club
Cave Lake – Durchgang blockiert
Disco Arabia
Toscana – Fehler im Rezzer – will be renamed Bavaria
Casablanca – blanket needs to be repaired
Africa Market – more to come
Gorean Pool – noch nicht übertragen
Nachtcafe – new in the list – 810 prim

Multi Scene Rezzer Station is looking for new showrooms!

The machine has 17 scenes up to 555 prims…
only exception is Marrakech with almost thousand prims!

We want to find new showrooms to rent it to people, you get your share if you find renters or your friends do….. prices are not fixed yet…. is a new project….

Please visit here to try it:

Go to the Cozy Comforts Shop on the right side next to the entrance to Monicas Lounge –> click the turning cube in front of the shop or the Ascensor in the Shop! (If it is not access all, contact Aphra Hendrix (aphroditeharrison) inworld or you can also contact me on Facebook:

I can put it on your land if you give me rezz rights, I dont have full perms on the ingredients….

We would rent it and do updates and custom work or only sell the rezzer for a one time prize.
But still you cant own the station, i dont have transfer rights.