Disco Dance Party

This is an invitation to our weekly Disco Dance Party at Cozy Comforts Euphoria.
Please come on Sundays at Noon SLT to our Street Party Area! We will play good music from Pop to Hardrock and Disco to Funkrock. We are looking for DJs also for House, Punkrock, Bluesrock, Classic Rock and Nu Disco.


We have lots of cool and funny dance animations and drinks.
The whole land has many many sitting areas and also the greatest adult furniture.

We have 42 pulic locations to discover, ask for the folder with all landmarks. If you need a home you can get a rental at our sim, we have 42 in a folder. In the apartment lobby are teleporters to all locations, also our 12 apartments in the apartment tower, some are already rented.

We have Jobs for Dancers, Barkeepers, Escorts and Managers.
Please read our description here: