No Erotica no more

Fusion of Cozy Comforts with Erotica cancelled

The name Cozy Comforts was taken out of the land description at Erotica.
The Cozy Comforts Club is here again on Extasy:

We created a new part of town.
This area has the Cozy Comforts Bar, the Erotica Cafe, Aphras Gallery-Club, Artys Gallery, the Boston Gallery, the Muscat Villa, the Hacienda, a modern Villa, Shops, Rooms, Apartments, Shacks and Stores. We have lots of free rentals starting at 100 linden per week (about 30 Eurocent). Apartments are available furnished with 20 prims free, or unfurnished with 50 prims free. Additional prims can be rented per 2 linden pro prim. The Hacienda and the Muscat Villa have Apartments at 200 linden per week, these are quite primmy buildings.

There is an additional level, the desert level to discover.
We have the Casablanca Villa, the Gorean Pool, The Marrakech Villa and the African Market. If you like to play and participate on this level you can rent a tent for 100 linden a week. You can use all the public areas with lots of nice adult furniture and other surprises.

Also we made changes on the beach.
We will have life performers on our stage on the beach corner. You can get drinks on the housboat and use all our dance machines for couple and single dances. The beach is a nature area with little islands, palmtrees and green vegetation. Some spots can be rented there.

Feel free to explore!