First of all we expect good manners.
We want to train your sense of correctness.
Never do anything to others what you would not like to be done to yourself.
Simple, isnt it?

Work of Dancers or Barkeepers:
Dancers or Barkeepers can earn 10 linden per hour automatically with the orange tipjars.
We have 3 orange tipjars that can be used all around the clock. They help us to increase traffic.

The red tipjars are for dancers that did not get an orange one and will dance for tips from visitors.

You can be afk most of the time, but it is always welcome to invite visitors for a drink to the Cafe Amoredo, the Cozy Comforts Bar, the Roxy Disco, the Nachtcafe Club or the Streetparty Area. We also have a Panorama Dancefloor in the Southeast Corner.
In any case, when you come back, always answer the messages you have got in your absence. If we hear about dancers that never answer, we must finsh their work here.
The orange and red tipjars give 10 percent to the Dancer Manager and 15 percent to the Club.

Work of Escorts:
Escorts should rent an adboard for 50 linden per week. Please wear the violet tip jar.
Club gets 15 percent, Manager gets 10 percent, Escort gets 75 percent. May change.

Work of DJs:
DJs have their own tipjars with 100 percent tips. But please also mention the gramophone which is the tip jar for the club music events on the stage in the Streetparty Area.

Work of Rental Manager
Show people the rentals and explain rates, update and give a list of all possible rentals. The rental manager gets 25 linden per hour automatically from the green tipjar after the testing phase. Before he is payed per hour depending on his skills.

Rental cost is 2 linden per prim, you can have the rentals unfurnished or furnished with less free prims. We have market stalls (30 linden/week), gallery floors, huts, shacks, tents, rooms, roofs, flats, shops, stores, apartments, gardens, house, grotto, chapel. Primmy spaces are up to 250 linden/week.

Being a renter gives you priority in using all the Cozy Comforts Locations, all the public areas with excellent adult furniture and other surprises.

Work of Music Manager:
Find good DJs, listen to their sets in other clubs. (We are looking for Nu Disco, House, Pop and Rock. DJ should do sampling and voice). Send job offers to DJs and explain what we need them to do (play good music and talk about our rentals). They play for tips and the DJ Manager gets 10 percent of the DJs tips starting from the first event.

Work of PR Manager:
Invite people to our group and make publicity. Do public relations, find and talk to people who want to work with us (talk to designers for flyers for example). This manager gets a salary per working hour, to be negociated depending on skills of the manager. He can write articles on our website:
After one week of good work he gets 10 percent of our donation boxes.

Work of Escort Manager:
Manage the escorts, show them the public sex areas, explain our rules and procedere. After two weeks of loyality he gets 10 percent of all escort tipjars. The Owner gets 15 percent to pay rent, staff, furniture etc. The escort can keep 75 percent.

Work of Dancer Manager:

explain the system of pink tipjars (they give 8 linden per hour automatically. It is ok to be afk. We only have 3 pink tipjars). The Dancer Manager finds nice and communicative people to dance and create traffic. Greeting or inviting for a drink is always welcome. The Manager gets 10 percent of the dancers tipjars at once. The Owner gets 15 percent to pay rent, staff, furniture etc. The Dancer can keep 75 percent.

Benefit for all managers:
You get 10 % of the worker tipjars automatically. You get 100 % of visitor tips of the green floating tip jars. Also you get 25 linden per hour automatically from the green tipjar for doing some work. You need to wear manager tag. This tag you can get from other managers or the owners.