Aphras Decoration of the Art Deco House at the Home and Garden Expo

There are two versions of the decoration… can be changed in the multirezzer station inside left to the entrance….

Art Deco House round rug
  1. The first version is a private house in southwestern style as i was told… a hippie house in my eyes…. the private space upstairs stays the same in both versions….
  2. The second version is a celtic restaurant. The name Restoro is taken from a RL Restaurant of a friend.

There are 3 areas:
2.1. The piano area behind the house with the grill…. The black floria tables rezz very nice plates and decoration for 2, 4 or 6 persons… so far only 2 x 2 chairs…
2.2. The area inside the house with the kitchen and 3 tables a 4 persons…
2.3. The bar area in front of the house has 16 seats…. The bartables can rezz different deco…
come and eat as much as you can! we have all you can eat anytime….

Here are the items i bought on the expo:
the hippie guitar
the red lamp
the catnip flowers
the microscope gurley
the elefant wall tapestry
the heart cuddle chairs
the flower scooter
a tent i could not integrate into the rezzer
please find the correct spelling of the items as names on the flickr pictures!
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