We will soon present you

a sightseeing tour with a space shuttle

all around the island. We will show you these areas: Beach, Antonias Bar, CC Club, Living Room, Temple, Dilligaf, Nils, Market, Feudal Office, Harem, Wolf, Arty, Tavern, AFK House, Doctors Office, Terra, Key West, Strip Club, Femdom Kitchen, Azu Art, BDSM Tower, Aphro Expo, BDSM Palace, Stage

You can already visit all the locations, you find them in the Teleporter on the ground in every Area.

The next project will be

two little films about our land and the animations

The first part will show the cuddle and other animations for children.
The second part will show the erotic animations.

Each film will cost about 10.000 Linden Dollar. We would be happy about any donation. You can use the tipjars all over the land. There are special red tipjars for escorts at some places. We take 25 % for rent and furniture.

This website is about the creation of a space with different areas in the virtual world of Second Life.
The sim exists since february 2019 and is constantly evolving. The architecture and style is in beetween boho and oriental. In all areas are animated objects and furniture what is an important part of the fun in SL. We have a meditation device that brings fireworks after 5 minutes, an I Ging oracle, a violet flame, dancing animations, radio for group use, dancing around the fire, a shower, sitting animations and last but not least a huge variety of sex furniture.

You need to install the Firestorm or SL software to have access to the 3 dimensional world.
Cozy Comforts Club is —> here!

But you can always look at our diary of snapshots on flickr without a software or accout, simply in your browser:

Right here we have a selection of pictures of different areas on our land:

There are nice clips to look at on —> Youtube!
Our friend Lampithaler is a very talented artist in SL and RL.