Cozy Comforts Euphoria Opening Party on 26. January 2020

We would like to invite you to the Grand Opening of Cozy Comforts Euphoria
on Sunday, 26. January 2020 at Noon SLT – (21 h Europe time) with Deejay Jesse.

Cozy Comforts Euphoria is an international quartersim with 3 levels: City, Desert and Beach. We have lots of nice furniture all over and lots of public spaces to use for free.
There is a Cafe, a Disco, a Bar, a Club, Villas, a Stage, a Dancefloor, a Pool, a Spa, a Roof and lots of outdoor furniture.
Being a group member you can change panorama or music, or rent an escortboard. We have lots of rentals on 3 levels starting at 30 linden/week up to 250 linden/week.
You pay 2 linden per prim, you can have the rentals unfurnished or furnished with less free prims.
We have stalls, gallery floors, huts, shacks, tents, rooms, roofs, flats, shops, stores, apartments, gardens, house, grotto, chapel.
Being a renter gives you priority in using all the Cozy Comforts Locations, all the public areas with excellent adult furniture and other surprises.

Stalls 30 linden/week
Gallery 30 – 100 linden/week
Huts 50 linden/week
Shacks 50 linden/week
Tents 50 linden/week
Rooms 50 – 100 linden/week
Roofs 50 – 150 linden/week
Flats 100 linden/week
Chapel 150 linden/week
Shops 150 linden/week
Stores 200 linden/week
Hacienda 200 linden/week
Gardens 200 linden/week
Grotto 250 linden/week
Muscat 250 linden/week
House 250 linden/week