Planning of first Cozy Comforts Film

We are planning the turning of the first film about Cozy Comforts Club….
Decoration will be detailed and will be first of all at the following locations….
You find a teleporter on the floor in every area….

Cozy Comforts Club is —> here!

There is a couple living on the island. The wake up at sunrise in their little beach house.
At the beach bar they will have breakfast and then take a shower at the beach.
Then they have a little cuddle time in the beach tent.

The next scene is at the office. Aphra is planning music events for the CC Club.
Her husband Marcel is a webdesigner.

Then you can see another couple at the market.
Antonia will buy a dress and Aduoni is visiting Marcel in the web4u Office to order a website.

They will have lunch together and then discuss their projects in the living room.

Arty is waiting for them to visit her gallery. She shows them pictures of the australian artist Dilligaf and the french photographer Nils Urquart.

In the evening at sunset they will go to an event at Cozy Comforts Stage and dance in couple dances.

The end of the film will be a big meditation with fireworks in the night sky.