Come to AMV in open virtual worlds!

Hello Ricky!

Today is 27. March 2021

My Events in Alternate Metaverse are:

David Perdu live at Cozy Comforts Club on Mondays at Noon

Djane Bomba Streaming at Cozy Comforts Club on Wednesdays at Noon

Reality Creation Group at Cozy Comforts Club on Thursdays at 10 am

Please delete all the rest on the black calendar! Thank you! I dont have rights to do it myself!

Dear Friends and Family!

We are happy to invite you to our opening in AMV – an open grid called Alternate Metaverse!

There is a little party on coming Monday at Noon SLT.

Please prepare your account before, you need an extra avatar to go to open world.
Then Join AMV!

The following link will take you to the Alternate Metaverse website – JOIN AMV PAGE  where you can create your avatar account:

On the AMV Website, main page, press “JOIN US” on the upper menu.  Fill in the form with your avatar’s first name (24 characters max, no spaces), then fill in your avatar’s last name (24 characters max, no spaces).  Create a Password 4-10 characters, upper and lower case letters, numbers, @, *, !, -, _, % are allowed.  Add your email and double check the spelling.

Press the APPLY button below the Join AMV form.  

NOTE: The dialogue on the following pages are full of important information so please read carefully.  

You will be taken to a Terms of Service page, then a Privacy Policy page where you must scroll to the bottom and accept / agree to the terms by putting a check in the box at the bottom of each of those pages.  

Next, at the top left, a small box will appear that says “Thank You, Continue to Create Your Avatar” you must click on this to go to the next step.

At this point you’ll be asked to check your email for a verify letter.  Press the “Click to Verify” link in that email.  After verifying your email you will then be taken to a page where you can select your starter avatar.  Choose one by clicking the circle to the left of the avatar image.   Scroll down and press continue, then again scroll the page and press continue.  

You are now logged in to the webpage, and ready to use your viewer to log into the Alternate Metaverse Grid.  

Next you need Firestorm for OS:

Please make sure to install in a different folder then the Firestorm for SL!

All clothing, mesh parts, houses, furniture, plants and whatever are free in OS. You can go to all open sim worlds with this avatar. It comes ready to go with mesh and AO.

We have a whole region for 10 dollars per month and we are building a new city and a big gallery!
We have a party area on the beach and a hotel… there is a forest under the city…..

Cozy Comforts Euphoria will go on hosting Events in SL,
but giving back 3 quarters of the land to the landlord in one week.
If you would like to take some pictures of the old days, i can put you on the guestlist,
but the land is closed now. Only the corner stays for public use.

Thank you so much for your attention.

Huggs and Kisses!


To get to AMV please follow the instructions on that link:

Come to Alternate Metaverse!

Feel free to check pictures on the Cozy Comforts Flickr taken by Aphra Hendrix,
that is my name in AMV….